Importance of Guest Post Backlinks to improve the Visibility on Google

Backlink is very familiar, especially when it comes to ranking strategies with search engines and, consequently, bringing more flow to the site or blog.

And the term backlink and its usability are rightly inserted in this context of digital marketing, that is, although it still seems to be strange, especially for those new to the subject.

The backlink or link building, as it is also known, is a technique of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) unknown by most users, however, very effective if well practiced. SEO Company Sydney helps a lot in creating quality backlinks.

What are Backlinks?

Basically, it is a strategy to get external links pointing to your site. 

In other words, this means that other websites or blogs need to talk about you, your product or your service in a post, and insert a link in that post that takes the user to your page. 

This tactic generates traffic in the traditional way; a reader interested in what you have to offer will click the link and go to your site. 

But the most important part is what link building means to Google. 

The more people talking about your website and redirecting links to it, the more relevant you will be to search engines. This will index more search results for your business and improve the ranking of those results. The amount of links from other sites pointing to yours serves as a vote for your website to Google to identify that your content is relevant. Guest Posting service is the best tactic to create quality backlinks for your website.

What types of Backlink are created in Guest Posting?

There are two types of backlinks created in Guest Posting and below we have listed the main ones so that you familiarize yourself with the terms and understand, therefore, which one might be best for your strategy.

Dofollow Links

Dofollows are links that transmit authority from one page to another. 

In fact, all links added to a post are dofollow as default as they share the authorities.

By directing users to pages that you consider relevant, or being referred by them, you reinforce the importance and credibility of those sites involved.

However, if your outbound links take users to untrustworthy sites, not only will their experience suffer, but their reputation will also suffer. This happens even when you receive links from suspicious sources which result in increasing spam score of the website.

Nofollow Links

Nofollow is a tag that is added to the HTML code and, when doing so, the link between the sites is not completely established, the link juice does not occur, which is the sharing of authority.

Links identified as nofollow do not pass authority between pages.

So, if you are the manager of a website and you don't want to receive links from a particular website that you don't think is trustworthy, for example, just add the nofollow tag.

Another purpose for nofollow is to prevent links added in post comments, which are often unreliable links, from being interpreted as backlinks by Google, which can harm your page's placement

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