Frequently Asked Questions

Common myths

  1. Yes! Every business needs a professionally built website for better customer engagement.
  2. A research shows that 81% of people research a business or service on the internet prior to making a purchase decision.
  3. It is very easy to build a website. You don't require any coding or technical skills to make a website.
  4. Website can be available 24/7/365 which is of great convenience.
  5. Internet is where your customers are,a business should always ensure to create an omnichannel presence.
  6. A good website instantly boosts your credibility as a legitimate business.
  7. Website actually optimises staff efficiency by providing answers to common customer questions & inquiries.
  8. You can create a website with us at a much less cost & time.


  1. Makemystore is a SaaS-based content driven website solution provider completely focused on delivering end-to-end websites. We completely take care of your website building starting from its development till its hosting.
  2. When a customer wants to strike the chord with service providers, it is mainly through websites.
  3. Avail a host of features like complimentary site setup, site hosting, SSL certificate, design templates, SEO, user-friendly content etc. & many more.
  4. You can choose from our certain pre-defined designs. Any specific design layout requirement can be considered as a part of the scope of work.
  5. Yes! We offer both Android & iOS fully optmised hybrid mobile apps.
  6. Yes! We publish apps on playstore and appstore.
  7. We assist you in your entire journey - from building your website to providing additional marketing services.
  8. We offer specialized content as per your business domain.
  9. Our team will be managing the website upkeep & it’s maintenance.
  10. You can email us the website URL & our team will assist you.
  11. >How fast I can make the website live?
    Generally, the minimum duration for setting up the website is 2 weeks post-signup.
  12. Yes! You can purchase a domain on your own.
  13. Yes! Your own domain is a great way to promote your business and create a professional online impression.
  14. Yes! We offer free SSL certificate built with 2048 bit encryption. 


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  5. Yes! We can consider it as an add-on service in your existing subscription.
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  1. Makemystore provides a complete reliable hosting for your website, with more than 99.9% uptime and uninterrupted service.

  2. Website hosting & scalability will be taken care at Makemystore end.
  3. Our auto scalable solution enables blazing fast performance for your website.
  4. Email to your customers will be sent through your registered email id..
  5. Makemystore comply with stringent security measures which keeps your customer information safe. Sensitive information like passwords, inquiries etc. are stored using a strong one-way encryption.


  1. For any support related queries you can reach out to us at [email protected] or
  2. In case of a downtime, just email us at [email protected] with subject as "Downtime". Our team will provide you the requisite compensation for the same.
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